Print Screen in 3 Steps

When you first buy your Mac, you will probaby notice that there is no Print Screen button like Windows. Taking Screenshots on Mac OS is very simple;

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Grab - Easiest Way Getting Print Screen on Mac OS X

As you may know, Snow Leopard is coming with tons of applications. One of these application is called Grab

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Snapz Pro X - Record Anything on Your Screen

Yesterday, I came across with a great screen recorder application called Snapz Pro X. It also gets print screen of your desktop;

The biggest feature of this application is recording your screen.

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InstantShot - Get Print Screen on Menubar

If you want to make your Print Screen process on your menubar, InstantShot application will be great for your Mac. To get a screenshot, open the application on menubar and select the image type and print screen section.

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Q&A: Where is the Print Screen Button on Mac ?

This is the most common question about Mac OS X Operation System;

I Was using Windows and there was a print screen button on Windows. But I Can't find the print screen button on Mac. Please Help

There is no specific print screen button on Mac operating system. But there is a shortcut to get print screen on Mac OS. All you have to do is following these steps >>

SnapNDrag - The Most Useful Print Screen Tool Ever!

There are lots of useful print screen tool on Mac OS. SnapNDrag is one of the most "easy-to-use" tool at all. All you have to do is select the area that you want to get print screen.

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How To: Running Windows XP on Mac

Do you need Windows on your Mac? Is Your application not working on Mac OS platform? Well... You need an emulator to run Windows operating system on your Mac. Let's make it!

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Monitoring The Temperature on Mac

You may have wondered your CPU or Hard drive temperature on your Macintosh. Sometimes Mac books are getting too hot, and people want to know how many degrees are their Macs;

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How To: Making Your Mac's Calculator Scientific

You will probably need Scientific Calculator on Mac to make Sin, Cos, Rad, Log, Tan and ln calculations. You don't have to install an extra application for this process;

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"Arrange By" - Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

You don't have to go View > Arrange By section for every arrange process. It's long and tiring. All you have to do is;

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